No More Water Gulping, Spills or Splashing!

Less Mess, Less Bloating, Less Burping.

It's Not "JUST" For Bulldogs!

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From Our Customers:

"We received the Bully-Bowls and as soon as I put them out, Chloe (my dog) immediately went to it and had no issues drinking!  After she finished, there was very little water on the floor and she didn't burp like she normally does!  Thank you so much!!" 

Jennifer... & Chloe :)

From Our Customers:

"I was impressed because Jay doesn't drink that much water since being on raw food; but as soon as I put it down, he was all for it!"

Mom of @JaythebulldogNYC

From Our Customers:

"Love it! Not just for Bullies.  This bowl works fantastic to cut down the mess that my German Short-haired Pointer makes.  Good for any size of dog" 

Jackie (...& Winston)

From Our Customers:

"My Frenchie would gulp his water and throw up EVERY time he drank.  We got our Bully-Bowl and he hasn't thrown up since!  The quality of the bowl is great, cleaning is easy, and they look so cute!  Shipping was fast & customer service is amazing. 10/10 recommend!"

Meaghan Fraser

From Our Customers:

"I really wish I found your bowl earlier.  My boy just passed and we believe it was bloat from gulping his water too fast.  Thank you for making this."