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Dogs are Notorious Water Gulpers, Which is a Leading Cause of Canine Bloat; An Extremely Fast-Acting and Life-Threatening Illness.  Our Patented Water Dish Prevents Spills & Splashes... All While Promoting Healthier and Slower Drinking Habits!

When a dog swallows large gulps of water, they're also gulping large pockets of air which build up in the stomach;  this can result in gas, burps or vomiting after excessive drinking/eating.

Our Bully-Bowl features a curved, floating plate which sits on top of the water, with an adorabull paw-print hole in the center.  The plate is always working as a barrier to limit the amount of water your dog has access to while drinking.

With less water being accessible, the dog can't gulp the water and instead laps at what's come through to the surface.

The bottom of the bowl features a non-slip grip, so it can't be pushed around the floor - and the plate also prevents water from splashing up and out of the bowl.  Yes; we are talking Dry Floors and Dry Socks!

Order it today;  Thank us later! 
Volume:  Approx 50oz / 1.5L 

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jennifer Quiroz & Chloe

We received the bully-bowls and I immediately put them out. Chloe, my bulldog, immediately went to it and had no issues drinking water! After she finished, there was very little water on the floor and she didn't burp like she normally does! Thank you so much!

Margaret and Winston

Customer Service was INCREDIBLE - and the bowl does everything they promise. Can not recommend HauteDogs + the Bully-bowl enough!

C. Davut

My Frenchie has definitely slowed down, doesn't choke or burp after drinking and YES! The spillage and dripping is finally reduced to a minimum. Miracle bowl!

Burt Oz

Fantastic water dish! My dog was having issues with over-drinking and this has really helped her slow down. Would recommend!

Sara Regal

Exactly like the photo and actually better quality than I expected. Appreciated the excellent customer service keeping me updated right up until delivery!